Zyrtec Allergy Relief, 45-Count Tablets  Health Fruits and Foods

Zyrtec Allergy Relief, 45-Count Tablets Health Fruits and Foods

Product b> Zyrtec (cetirizine HCl) is a prescription medicine that is indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms treated. And it also treats itching of chronic hives. Studies show that 1 dose of ZYRTEC works for a full 24 hours. ZYRTEC is also great for the whole family. ZYRTEC is approved to treat to indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms in adults and kids over 2 years. And it is also approved for indoor allergy symptoms, to treat kids as young as six months. It is simple to recognize ZYRTEC. ZYRTEC tablets are white. And they have the study ZYRTEC engraved. ZYRTEC chewable tablets are purple in color. You have the ZYRTEC engraved names. Another formulation is ZYRTEC syrup, which is a clear liquid with a banana-grape flavor.

Long lasting relief from allergy symptoms

Helps relieve itchy, red, watery eyes, sneezing and runny, itchy nose, postnasal drip, itching from hives

Studies show that 1 dose of ZYRTEC works for a full 24 hours

ZYRTEC is effective in treating indoor allergies like dust, mold, and pet ire (year-long allergies)

ZYRTEC is effective in treating outdoor allergies from the pollen of trees, weeds, and grasses (seasonal allergies)

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