Healthy Family Healing

Healthy Family Healing

The Purpose of Plant Nutrition for a healthy family

If the whole purpose to eat more green vegetables is because of the nutrients they provide, we should find out what those nutrients are; make certain we are indeed consuming the vital compounds and not just a lifeless look alike. How do we know if we’re taking in plant nutrition with the vital compounds still in them? It’s a widely known fact that today’s produce doesn’t have the same quality nutrients as those of yesteryears. The soil in Western Lifestyles have been depleted of the important nutrients necessary in growing produce with maximum vital compounds that contributes to plant nutrition which would thereby nourish our body.

Vital Compounds in genuine pure grade essential oils for healthy healing

Here’s where organic pure and unadulterated essential oils play a vital role in delivering concentrated life liquid, extracted through a meticulous distillation process, the vial compound stay in -tact to provide real plant nutrition to the body. Treasured essentials indeed. Being that essential oils are the life of the plant and is what the plant depends on for growth and evolvement, it also helps defend against insects and disease. Hence the reason we are required to eat more green leaf vegetables. Nowadays it seems inevitable to find vegetables depleted of nutrients. Quality soil and quality seeds are imperative to genuine plant nutrition.

Maintaining a healthy family today requires more than just a couple of carrot sticks and celery

More than just an aroma of fresh scent, unadulterated essential oils deliver positive effects on the human body at the cell level. Everything that comes from God is good, He designed the human body to heal itself and provided good solutions for it’s daily care and more, without artificial modification or adulteration.

five oils
five essential oils
Only Pure Grade for halthy family healing

Not all essential oils can claim they are “pure grade” like God intended them to be for ingestion and therapeutic benefits. They are not available in stores NOR all aroma or massage therapists use these either. For more info. or to place your order for these true pure grade oils visit Treasured Essentials.

Healthy Family Healing God’s Way, Unadulterated Vital Compounds found in His Plant Nutrition for today’s healing

Ezekiel 47:12 “ Lining each side of the river banks, all sorts of species of fruit trees will be growing. Their leaves will never wither and their fruit will never fail. They will bear fruit every month, because the water that nourishes them will be flowing from the sanctuary. Their fruit will be for food and their leaves will contain substances that promote healing”